In 1996, Asta Medica GmbH (Germany), acquired a majority stake of Laboratorio Kampel Martian wich represented mainly in LA. By the end of 2002, Asta Medica GmbH was acquired by Baxter (USA), and Kampel Martian continue its operation in LA. Since March 2003, Laboratorio Kampar S.A. represents LKM in Chile.

Laboratorio Kampar S.A. Initiated its activities directly and was financed by a International Investment Fund.

By now we have a outsourcing pharmaceutical operation with PI, for the distribution as well as a common office.


Our mission is to provide, in a first step, solutions to highly complex pathologies such as the oncology, rheumatoid arthritis, cystic fibrosis and palliative care.

We are currently in process to incorporate our online products for the treatment of infectious diseases, CNS and others, always with North American and European representations.

“Laboratorio Kampar S.A. was the first laboratory in Chile that was entirely dedicated to oncology, giving support to AUGE/GES programme. We keep this focus up today”